Minggu, 15 Juli 2018


Someone who knows you well, sometimes more than your ownself. Someone who gives you much attention, but dont want you to know. Someone who treats you, although its the last coin. Someone who randomly getting mad to you, but contains love inside. 🍁

Kata orang, kita kembar. Saking miripnya, cuma beda dua tahun. Dari prinsip dan kesukaan juga nggak beda jauh, tapi bukan karakter, haha. Kalau nggak dibilang kembar, kadang orang bilang kamu kakaknya. Sepertinya karena kedewasaanmu, dan kebocahanku, haha. But yes, sometimes aku merasa lebih bocah darimu, heu.

Dek, I'm not the best sister, but I tried to be, and I will always be. Pesen Ayah sama Ibuk sebelum pergi, katanya, "nitip adek." I hope I can do it well..

Kata ayah lagi, "mbak yang dewasa, ya,". I know sometimes I am more childish than you. I hope I can play this role better.

Meski dunia masa kecil kita penuh "ketidakharmonisan", yang sering kuungkit2 karena aku lebih sering kalah haha, but I will always be thankful cause Allah gives me you. Yes, you.

Maybe this world is not as small as your hand which you can control. But you have Allah which is "Bigger" than everything you can imagine. All the things in this life is not ours, but we can ask Him to make it easier. Calm, life is only life. We "only" have a task to be better one, not a perfect one. Keep going, girl! 💅

Keep shining my little-with-the-big-heart star 💫

Sorry for being annoying and 'gengsian' Mbak. Maybe I will always be like that, but it will never decrease my love and pray to you 💕

Gumarang, 15 July 2018
Unperfect sister.

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