Senin, 06 April 2015

Happy Birthday

As I'm getting older...

Then I have to being better...

That's not a compromise...

But really something that I have to do so...

For a recent times, I still learn how to not say a “Happy Birthday” to everyone, including my friends and family. But in this blessed day, I realize that word sometimes is not just a word. There is a meaning inside. Long time ago, I was happy to celebrate my birthday. But then I know that our birthday is just remembered us that we will definitely death. Our ages may be increase, but our time living this earth is decreasing, right? And, I just think that if people saying happy birthday to you, it doesn't mean that they are really care. I mean, everyone can say that to you right? Well, sometimes our birthday do not need to celebrate, but contemplate. How far we have walk, how much we have known, and how deep we have learned. 

Age, doesn't mean anything if we can’t mean it. But still, my attitude that didn't give any birthday card or something like that didn't mean I do not love you guys. I still remember, and I always remember your birthday. I just believe that my pray for you is better than my words. But of course it is your choice want to congratulate someone or not. I just think that the most important thing is praying and caring, not just saying. But of course, I really thank you, who congratulate me in my birthday, or maybe you have pray for me rather I know or not, because God knows. :)

I hope, we can be better in everything and every single time. Please feel free to give me any advice or critic so I can be better than before. Let’s make this world better by our own way. Let's make our dreams come true!

By the way, for those whom I love that already passed their birthday and who will pass it. I’m sorry if there is no birthday card or gift from me. But believe me; I will always call your name in my deepest pray. Then, if I want to give you something, I will just give you. No need to wait until your birthday. That’s my promise. ;)

I'm just thinking about what I have learned so far, what I have gave to society, to other people. Sometimes our happiness is not about what we have done or gotten, but something that we have shared and given. 

Last but not least, I do sorry for anyone who get any pain because of me, and I do thank to everyone who colored my life so far. Thanks for supporting and praying me in everything.
Thanks Allah, thanks Ibuk, Ayah, Adek, and all of my beloved family, sisters, brothers, best friends, teachers, and everyone. I love you! ♥

Yogyakarta, 5 April 2014 11:59 pm.

Andika Putri Firdausy

PS. sorry for my bad in English, I'm still learning :3 

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