Senin, 24 Maret 2014

High Achiever

Essay: High Achiever
Andika Putri Firdausy
Cartography and Remote Sensing, Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada

First, let me introduce my self. My name is Andika Putri Firdausy, a student of Cartography and Remote Sensing UGM. Now I’m on my second grade. I do not really deserve to be outstanding students, but I will do my best.  To be an outstanding one is not easy. It is not just about how many times you have defeat the others, but it is about how far you can beat yourself, control yourself.
There are so many person that can be so gorgeous around us. They are all out in everything they have done. They can be a winner of a competiton, moderator or speaker in a seminar, have a summa-cumlaude GPA, get a scholarship and have chance to studying abroad, and many more. Sometimes we think about how can they get such a great thing. And sometimes we just forget, that they just do more than we think. Struggle.
Frequently, people think that an outstanding one is the one who have summa-cumlaude GPA, more than 6,5 IELTS score, get a scholarship, have a chance to exchange and study aboard; and an activists in organization, have a good faith and confidence, and many more. Perfect. But no body’s perfect. We always have our own strength and weakness.
For me, to be a great one is not too complicated. Someone who can be a better one every single time is more gorgeous. I respect everyone who have a big spirit to be a better one. To be the best we have a limit when we arrived in that ‘best’. But to be a better one, we have no limit, we just have to do something better than yesterday.

Besides, as a young and educated person, or maybe everyone, we supposed to have kind of dream. Dream about everything to make our better future. We should fight for our dream, temporary dream in this world, and everlasting dream in akhirat. Make any useful thing in every single step. Always be a better one everytime besides doing the best for your dream, than you will automatically be a high achiever. And don’t forget to be a humble one. May Allah bless us and give us chance to reach our dream. Keep spirit!

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