Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

#6 : The 'Kawai' Children

I just miss Japan. The fact that I failed to go there (again in the near time cause of somethin amazing haha) make me feels so.... (can't explain >.<)
Here are some picture, kawai picture of children in Japan.

The first named Alatas. He is the one who sit besides me in the plane to Fukuoka. What a kawaaaai! He always lookin at me, deeply, with his cute smile. God, I can't stop smiling all the time, and he did too. Ah, thanks Alatas! ;)

 The second, I dunno what her name. We just see her when we went around Kyoto. She left her mother and I took her picture behind the scene, hihi. ^^

What a sweeet! I thought they are family, maybe. Walking around the town after school. Nice :))

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